TODAY’S SPECIAL: EXPERIENCE. All of our members have retail experience but John spent 10 years in the hospitality and Nordstrom studios with Callison architecture, bringing an understanding of lighting, merchandising and stock to the design process at Hummel.  We have been growing a small retail shop business over the past 3 years.

The prototype store for this European-style ice cream shop owned by a South American client.  The design is based upon research and photographs from the client and their desire for the shops to be elegant and reminiscent of the type found in Europe and South America.  The office was involved from the initial concept meetings and helped to translate the client’s ideas into a practical version for both mall and free-standing applications. The first shop (Bellevue Square) opened in June of 2005.

Completed in early 2006, the 2nd Mora shop in Winslow embodies the owners’ original concept of a familiar, comfortable neighborhood place.

Hummel Architects helped the owners of The Outdoor Emporium to develop simple solutions for relocating their retail store to a former warehouse after 26 years in another location.  The style of the store is spartan, but an extensive architectural effort was spent on fast tracking construction with multiple permits for the project. A phased permit submittal strategy allowed the shortest possible review time for the complex approvals needed to change the use from warehouse to retail, seismically upgrade the building and insert the retail store tenant improvement.

An expansion and remodel of the flagship store for this hip Seattle retailer of women’s clothing and accessories. The design incorporates a loft office space and more than doubled the sales area of the shop, working in the signature pink and brown color scheme of the business.