HOME SWEET HOME. The home may be the single most difficult project type for the architect because of the direct emotional involvement of the client. Our approach as in other project types is to discover all design cues and restrictions early to attempt to eliminate as many surprises for the owner as possible. Regularly scheduled meetings in the conceptual and schematic design phases help us to design usable and satisfying spaces for the client while allowing maximum flexibility of the forms translated to the final product.

Hummel Architects is designing a remodel and addition to a large residence near Issaquah. Design issues include complementary design to the existing house, a 100 year flood plain along with other county requirements and the issue of how to most efficiently bring a maximum of natural light to the house.

A speculative project adjacent to the property of the owner, considered as a residence for his mother; the simple block forms complement the existing residence that shares the gravel drive and parking area.

PISCO RESIDENCE • MERCER ISLAND, WA   The original house was a 2400 SF one story bungalow with daylight basement. Completed in the summer of 2005, the project roughly triples the original square footage, adding a guest suite, wine cellar, den and a second floor master bedroom suite overlooking Lake Washington to the west. 

MCGRAIL RESIDENCE • PASCO, WA   On a gently sloping site along the Columbia River in Pasco, Washington, Hummel Architects has designed a contemporary home defined by a series of steel frames running parallel to the length of the house, reinforcing four increasingly private layers of spaces with outdoor terraces on the southernmost layer. Design objectives: maximize views of the river and beyond, minimize the effects of the strong summer sun, maximize the effects of the low winter sun, and provide privacy from three neighboring houses. With solid buffer blocks to the east and west, the public space is a large open indoor and outdoor volume tied together by a continuous sloping roof and stone floor.